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Voyager Coffee and Tea is the platform we use to share our Passion for producers, proprietors, and people just like you and me.  We work with farm level producers to ensure that the products you drink are of the highest quality, road tested to stand up to whatever your day might bring.


Meet the producers and learn more about our fresh crop coffees:

Marcelo Assis is not just the name we gave to this single producer, single lot, single varietal coffee, it's the name of the man, myth, and legend that made this coffee possible.  


The focused attention and devotion to only specialty processing that Marcelo gave this coffee from the Olhos D'agua lot of his farm in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil changed our perception of Brazilian coffee, which produces a very small portion of the world's specialty coffee, in spite of being the largest coffee producing country in the world.


This is one of those coffees our team couldn't stop smiling about as we tasted new crop samples.  One sip and all we can taste is the most delicious combination of red raspberries drizzled with milk chocolate.  A solid body and well natured acidity might just make this that coffee you'll never be able to forget.  It's that good.

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Papua New Guinea.png

Let's talk about something a little different we're bringing to the table with our Kabiufa Papua New Guinea coffee!  

It's a little less common for us to use flavor descriptions like melon, grape, and almond for a coffee!  That's what makes this coffee so special - the melon sweet fruitiness with a nice malic acidity and low body that make it a delicious coffee to drink - mug by mug! The wine grape aromatics, and white peppercorn fragrance make the delicate bouquet of this coffee and must.

If you’re interested in learning more about these coffees, and how we work to improve the quality of our products and communities in which we work, please reach out to us! There’s only a few things we love more than the products we work with, and that’s the people! Check out our home page for our contact information!

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