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12oz Bag


Origin Details:

Producer - Beneficio Mill Country - Costa Rica

Region - Tarrazú

Altitude - 1250-1450 (masl)

Processing - Honey Process

Flavor Notes - Honey Raspberry Plum


The Beneficio San Diego Mill was founded in 1888 and continues to produce world class coffee to this day. This is a Honey Process coffee, a processing style unique to Costa Rica and responsible for enhancing an intrinsic sweetness usually only possible in natural processing coffee. That processing style gives La Miel its characteristic flavors and name! La Miel translates directly to Honey, which is true from the farm to the cup! It’s warm notes of Honey, raspberry, and plum are delicious. Thanks to its favorable soil and climate conditions, the region is famous for producing some of the best coffees in the world. The high altitudes and thus low temperatures during the night let the cherries mature more slowly, resulting in a dense bean which qualifies the coffee as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB). Coffees from Tarrazú have already won multiple international barista competitions!


Available Whole Bean or Ground

La Miel Costa Rica

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