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from BEAN to BREW

Every drop of Rambler Cold Brew starts in a cloud, and falls onto the mountains and hills of countries like Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and more. The coffee plants that thrive in these high altitudes turn that water into bright, vibrant coffee cherries perfect for plucking. At Voyager Coffee and Tea we go the extra mile working directly with farms like these to bring you the fresh flavors that can only happen with close attention to detail.

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After being carefully curated off the coffee trees dotting the mountain side, the coffee in your can is picked, processed, and dried to create the complex flavors that will end up dancing across your tongue. Each step in processing makes an impact on the final flavor, increasing or decreasing the acidity, developing the fruitiness or rich chocolate flavors we look for in each can of Rambler Cold Brew.

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Coffee doesn’t naturally grow in the United States, much less Northeast Ohio.  Once your coffee arrives at Rambler Cold Brew HQ, each bean is roasted to perfection and cold brewed for hours to extract every ounce of delicious flavor that has taken months to develop on coffee farms from around the world.  Cold brewing reduces the resulting acidity, boosts different flavors, and creates a more dynamic brew to enjoy wherever life’s adventures take you. 

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Nitro Infused? Bourbon Barrel aged? Each variety of Rambler Cold Brew includes a common element - attention to detail.  We don’t rush the process, just as our partners at the farm level didn’t rush the development of the coffees they grow. Nitrogen gives the cold brew it’s creamy sweetness, while other varieties like our Pathfinder Cold Brew includes oat milk to give you the perfect grab and go coffee!  If you’re looking for a treat, don’t pass up our Double Barrel Bourbon, which is sure to please any coffee or spirit connoisseur! 

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